Ben Horner-Johnson's GMT & Geophysics Links

Ben Horner-Johnson’s GMT & Geophysics Links ( last updated: 2009-DEC-18 GMT Software:

GMT-3.4.6:\_download.html GMT-4.5.1:\_download.html GMT Bug Notes:\_bugs.html GMT Installation:\_install_form.html

GMT for MacOS X: install fink, type: “fink install gmt” GMT for Win-NT: GMT for OS/2: or or netCDF: Front Ends: unix: iGMT (Tcl/Tk) another Tcl/Tk front-end\_com/ Win9x/NT: Win4GMT Mirone M_GMT (beta version) GMT Documentation:

GMT man pages:\_man.html GMT supplemental man pages:\_suppl.html GMT Tutorial: GMT Technical Reference & Cookbook:\_Docs/GMT\_Docs.html GMT color palettes: GMTHELP archives:

Official Archive: Eduardo A. Suárez: 1995-1998


Server: Group: gis.gmtlist Server: Group: gmane.comp.gis.gmt.user


1 x 1 degree DEM (Digital Elevation Model):

AVHRR level 1B data: Broken Link?


ETOPO5: 5 minute grid, global topography/bathymetry Entire database. [netCDF format]

ETOPO2: 2 minute grid, global topography/bathymetry (integer dataset)

ETOPO2: version 2, 2 minute grid, global topography/bathymetry (COARDS netcdf) Select parts of database.

GEBCO: GEneral Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans

NGDC: National Geophysical Data Center

NOS: National Ocean Service:

Satellite altimetry:

Smith & Sandwell, 1997 seafloor topography: 2 minute grid, measured & estimated topo, 72S to 72N\_topo/mar\_topo.html\_topo\_2min/ topo_7.2.img and topo_8.2.img

TerrainBase: 5 minute grid, global topography/bathymetry [netCDF format]


South Hampton Oceanography Center


Digital Chart of the World:\_cntry\_bndrs.tar.gz GMT multi-segment file format\_cntry\_bndrs.tar GMT multi-segment file format


US-Canada border


CIA World Fact Book


Heaven’s Above:

United Nations Statistics Division (capitals, 100000+ residents)

United States NIMA:

Climate and Weather

Live Access to Climate Data:

OGIMET - Weather Information Service, Global Forecast System: [English] [Español]


World Ocean Atlas:



GSHHS: Global Self-consistent Hierarchical High-resolution Shoreline Database: [used in GMT]


Antarctic Digital Database: [must register] [ digitized by Sridhar Anandakrishnan]

BAGIS Project: San Francisco Bay Area

NOAA Coastal Services Center High-resolution Digitial Shoreline [US]: [.SHP or .e00 or .MIF or SDTS]

NOAA Medium Resolution Digital Vector Shoreline [US]: [.GEN or .BNA or .e00 formats]

USGS Coastline Extractor:

Color palettes:

The GMT color schemes:

ColorBrewer: software that generates RGB values

Color Palette City: A collection of color palettes for GMT

Datum conversions:

Earthquake Catalogs:

CNSS: Council of the National Seismic System

IRIS: Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology

NGDC: Significant Earthquake Database

USGS: National Earthquake Information Center

USGS: Weekly reports

Fault databases: Link may be down Western US except CA and NV United States

Focal mechanisms: Harvard CMT catalogue USGS (based on NEIS) USGS

Geographic Place Names: [NIMA]

GIS Free Data:


WGS84 ECM96 field, 15 arc minute grid to degree/order 360

Sandwell & Smith, 1999: World Geoid Image version 9.2, 2 minute resolution, 72S to 72N\_grav\_2min/


Sandwell & Smith, 2005: World Gravity Image version 15.2, 2 minute resolution, 72S to 72N\_grav\_2min/

Sandwell & Smith, 2005: World Gravity Image version 15.1, 1 minute resolution, 72 S to 72N\_grav\_1min_V15/

Sandwell & Smith, 2007: World Gravity Image version 16.1, 1 minute resolution, 72 S to 72N\_grav\_1min_V16/

Bureau Gravimetrique International\_service\_a.html


Heat Flow:

Holocene Volcanoes:


Palaeomagnetic Database:

Plate boundaries:

Peter Bird’s PB2002 model (published in G3: 4(3), 1027, doi:10.1029/2001GC000252)

Geological Survey of Japan [updated site in 2001, not sure of file location]

NUVEL 1: nuvel_1_plates (all), separate plates in multi-segment format, delimiter is “:”

University of Texas

U.S. Geological Survery


Oddens bookmarks for *any* kind of cartographic related topics describes many projections

A Guide to Coordinate Systems in Great Britain

German coordinate system (Landesvermessungsamt Nordrhein-Westfalen)


HYDRO1K: Drainage network extracted from GTOPO30

Roads/Railways: [ North American Transportation Atlas]


World Ocean Atlas: temperature, salinity, nutrients, oxygen [1994, 1998, 2001]

Sediment Thickness:

GSC Open file 3039 “A digital compilation of depth to basement and sediment

thickness for the North Atlantic and adjacent coastal land areas” (README, 3SMAC.2v6.tar.Z)

Stress: World Stress Map



ETOPO5: 5 minute grid, global topography/bathymetry [netCDF format]

ETOPO2: 2 minute grid, global topography/bathymetry

GLOBE: Global Land One-kilometer Base Elevation

GTOPO30: 30 second grid, global topography

SRTM30: 30 second grid, global topography, GTOPO30 + Shuttle Radar Topography

TerrainBase: 5 minute grid, global topography/bathymetry [netCDF format]


3 arc-second topography[US only]

Arctic: 2.5 km grid, BETA VERSION

BEDMAP: requires conversion to GMT format, GDAL python extension (search the archive) GMT version

Smith & Sandwell, 1997 seafloor topography: 2 minute grid, measured & estimated topo, 72S to 72N\_topo/mar\_topo.html\_topo\_2min/ topo_8.2.img

Smith & Sandwell, 2007 seafloor topography: 1 minute grid, measured & estimated topo, 72S to 72N\_topo\_1min/ topo_9.1.img

USGS 7.5 minute DEM files [SDTS format]

USGS National Elevation Dataset (NED)

X-band satellite data:


1 x 1 degree DEM:\_dgr\_dem.supplement#1_dgr.sup2


GXF: Grid eXchange Format

NetCDF: NETwork Common Data Form



Richard’s PS Junk Page:


SDTS: search for DEM2GMT


[ GMT <-> SURF ] ( part of GMT since version 3.3.6 , grdio format 6) [gmt_customio.c, gmt_customio.h, gmtformats.d]

Other Software

3dem: a 3D fly-through program

ArcGMT: A suite of tools for conversion between Arc/INFO and GMT

GMT -> ArcInfo gen2shape xy-> ArcINFO shape file

ColorBrewer: generates RGB values for use in .cpt files


Digitizers: On-screen digitizers, require Tcl/Tk

DXF2xyz: [Windows only]

epstool: converts PostScript to Encapsulated PostScript - add preview, fix %%BoundingBox

File Conversion Central:

GD library: API for writing PNG images

GEODAS: NGDC Trackline Database (search, requires CD-ROMs for data retrieval)

GeoTransform: Java coordinate transformation software

GhostScript/GhostView: On-screen PostScript® previewer/previewer front-end

GIFMerge: merges individual GIFs into an animated GIF

gimpcpt: converts GIMP gradients to GMT’s color palette (.cpt) format

GIS Resources:

GLOBARC30: [GTOPO30 interface]

gmtperl: Perl interface to GMT

GRADS: [ extract data from NOAA/NCAR/… netCDF files (.nc) ]

Graphics Gems:

GRASS: [Geographic Resources Analysis Support System] Official GRASS GIS Web Site GRASS related links GRASS help archive

GrdView(er): Java3D viewer for netCDF grids Tutorial or Updates

IBM Open Visualization Data Explorer

IGRF-Applet: [plots of Geomagnetic field or components]

ImageMagick: [Win32/PC?]

Magpick: [ netCDF grid viewer ] [Win32]

Linux version available from

MB System: [multi-beam bathymetry, other processing]

MicroDEM: [format/projection conversion, handles SDTS format] [Win32]

MrSID SID file viewer/translator [Win32/some Linux]

Orbital interpolation:

Paleomagnetism: [Windows] by Lisa Tauxe

Poster sized plots (similar to psmegaplot)

PostScript to “edit” [Xfig]:

PostScript to “img”: [LaTeX2Html]

PROJ4: projections/datum shifts/etc

SDTS2DEM: [Win32, Linux source]

Seismic Unix:

tmutils: tools to manipulate the TERRS-MODIS dataset for GMT

Windows UNIX shell emulators:



This is the part that is under construction. (gmtmex5.tar.Z) [grd2matlab] —– file formats: —– GMT Color Palettes —– GMT Script site: —– Distances: —– Here are TONS of great links for data, software, etc. Part I: The Virtual Earth

Part II: The Soft Earth\_earth.htm —– Paleomaps (rotated continent positions): —– Slab contours:\_download.html —– GMT as backbone for web visualization (seismic hazards) —– Everything about color: [ North America ] [ Europe ]\_25.htm\_convert.html [ conversion algorithms ] —– DEM error analysis > Susan Wechler has created a virtual report at: > > “This dissertation focuses on the impact of unknown errors in the DEM product.” —– Antarctic Features Database:

ADDant.txt Antarctic continent boundary ADDfris.txt Filchner-Ronne ice shelf ADDfrisisl.txt Berkner Is., Henry and Korff Ice Rises ADDotheris.txt Larsen, Risser, Amery Ice Shelves ADDris.txt Ross Ice Shelf ADDrisisl.txt Crary Ice Rise, Roosevelt Is., Steershead Cr.(?), Black, and White Is.

This shell script and it’s output are visible thru the web page: ADDtest.gmt A shell script to plot all of these (to Sridhar Anandakrishnan

Sridhar Anandakrishnan ( —– Crustal motion: NUVEL-1A, (NNR velocity)

Convert DEM to geographic coordinates

National Center for Earthquake Engineering Research

spinning globes

WAM Cycle 4:

Contour maps of distance from a location:

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在windows上使用基于python的GeoIP数据集GeoLiteCity.dat/GeoIP.dat 在windows上使用基于python的GeoIP数据集GeoLiteCity.dat/GeoIP.dat
在windows上使用基于python的GeoIP数据集GeoLiteCity.dat,先把dat文件下载下来,在这里 然后需要下载一个可用GeoIP的python库,官方提供了2种选择:地址1和地址2,我们选择后者pygeoip,因为前者
awk数组处理两个文件的例子 awk数组处理两个文件的例子
awk数组处理两个文件的例子 如果文件a中包含文件b,则将文件b的记录打印出来输出到c文件里 文件a: 10/05766798607,11/20050325191329,29/0.1,14/05766798607 10/0576715855